fallout: new vegas anti materiel rifle

Ammo & Reloading The model was pulled from the actual game files and scaled to the length of a PGM Hécate II, the real-world basis for the model. For balance, the rifle includes a tapered barrel and a large muzzle brake to reduce recoil to manageable levels. 8 Utilizing an ergonomic, metallic skeleton design with a free floating barrel, the .50 anti-materiel rifle is a bolt-action, high caliber precision weapon intended for use against materiel and hard targets. Guns 100 ammo/shot It is most effectively used at long range, as the reload time is rather slow for mid-to-close range fighting. The model was pulled from the actual game files and scaled to the length of a PGM Hécate II, the real-world basis for the model. i got the reinforced combat armour mark 2 but i need a little more were can i get better armour? Only advantage with the sniper rifle is that there's a silencer available for it while most of the rifles don't. When fired from the hip (without aiming), the resulting recoil from the weapon's large-caliber will result in the user being pushed slightly backward (evident in third-person view). 8 As displayed on the key art, the anti-materiel rifle had a different scope that is more in-line with its real-life counterpart. item HP I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure the guy in Goodsprings isn't about to bust out the anti-materiel rifle. 65 xx00084f 110 (130.9) and ammo used for it, the .50 MG, is pretty hard to find, according to Fallout wiki. Shopping. Anti-Material Rifle (AMR) (Fallout: New Vegas) The Anti-Material Rifle makes this list as it is one of the better sniper rifles available in the game. Ammo & Reloading The damage benefits of the rifle are offset by the fact that it is bolt-action, greatly lowering the rate of fire and resulting in a low damage-per-second, and the weapon itself without modifications weighs in at 20 pounds, making it one of the heaviest shoulder-fired weapons in the game. Additionally, its .50 MG ammunition is very rare, very expensive, and is heavy if carried in bulk in hardcore mode; a full magazine weighs two pounds without the Pack Rat perk and one pound with the perk. Started a new game a few weeks ago. Therefore the file is accurate to the game in visual appearance (not as detailed as the real world Hecate), but scaled properly to the real world rifle. The AMR is similar in design principle to that of a sniper rifle, delivering a high power shot at long distances with great accuracy, although chambered in a larger caliber for hardened targets. shots/rel. crit % mult Who sells Fallout New Vegas Anti Material Rifle Best Ammo And List Of Best Bolt Action Rifles You can order Fallout New Vegas Anti Material Rifle Best Ammo And shots/rel. Once you get a sniper rifle be sure to get a silencer for it as well. When used with conventional ball or target ammunition the rifle does not have any anti-materiel capability above and beyond that of any other high velocity, large calibre rifle. skill Anti-materiel rifle Home › Forums › Fallout & Wasteland › Fallout: New Vegas Discussion › T-51B and the Anti Materiel Rifle Discussion in ' Fallout: New Vegas Discussion ' started by Mohamed2001 , … xx_toughgamercool_xx The .50 BMG sounds were taken from the anti-material rifle, and the suppressed sounds were taken from the suppressed varmint rifle. BOOYA! For Fallout: New Vegas on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Where to get the Anti-Material Rifle? Have you seen what one of those anti-materiel rifles can do to a. Fallout New Vegas: Anti Materiel Rifle (.50 cal) Montage. Firing this weapon without aiming will cause the rifle to shoot upwards results in missing a target that may be directly ahead of the player character. 0.4 (0.6) Tap to unmute. DPS (reload) perks (att.) Missing a target will still sometimes alert enemies to the player's presence, unlike other rifles, such as, The anti-materiel rifle was influenced by the. 55 BOOYA! Classic Hunting Rifle sounds. Also be sure to have something for in case the enemy gets close like a lever action rifle or pistol. projectiles Rapid Reload (-0.6s). reload time This is the montage for a replica of the Anti-Materiel Rifle from Fallout: New Vegas and yes, it's for sale.

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